Pick Yourself Up When You Are Having A Bad Day

Everybody has a bad day or two once in a while. Sometimes it’s because an object or person triggered a sad memory from your past, other times there doesn’t seem to be a particular reason behind it. But that does not mean you cannot turn it around. You are the one in charge of your day and no one can ruin it if you don’t want them to.

When you find yourself spending your day getting an earful from your boss and/or your clients, or just feeling low, there are certain things you can do to cheer yourself up and turn your day around:


listen to your favorite song

We’ve all been there. It can be rough to bounce back when you’ve had a stressful workday.

If there is a song or playlist that you have saved on your phone that has the ability to transport you to another time or place and works like a charm in making you happy? Now, the time to listen to it. Upbeat songs have the power to immediately take you out of a sullen mood and get you energized for the day. Feel free to dance around and get your blood pumping.


be positive

Work can have its moments. And, sometimes there’s no way to escape until the end of the day. So, what can you do to calm yourself down when you’re at work?

This could be writing out what is going on in your head, re-organizing your desk or even cleaning.

The important thing is not to feed into the negative feelings.


take a walk to clear your head

Go to the nearest park or grassy area and take a 5-10 minutes stroll. When the warm light of the sun hits you and you take in the freshness from the greenery in the park, you will notice a massive change in your mood. This will also work to provide you a different environment than that of your office. NOTE: In the cooler months, even stepping outside and breathing some fresh air can make a huge difference.


practice deep breathing

A plethora of research has concluded that they have seen a beneficial change in their participants when they practiced deep breathing. Meditation and deep breathing have always been a practice of the ancient yogis who fiercely believe in the connection of yoga with a more fulfilling life. Check out the following article: Clearing Negative Energy


talk to someone

You can have a quick session with a mentor and ask for their advice on how to make yourself feel better. This is especially useful when you have done all of the above and your mood doesn’t seem to improve. Try the wonderful life coaches at Life Matters Coaching whose sessions will help guide you out of your blues.