Changing Careers At Any Age

The working class of today has changed significantly in their planning and morals compared to past generations.

People don’t enter a company with the thought of staying for a remarkably long time. They often plan on staying at their first company for up to 6 months and then move on to other ventures.

You might wonder if it’s too late to change careers, especially once you hit 50. Or, how about returning to work after the kids have grown?

No matter the circumstance or reason, shifting careers after a lot of years in one field can be an extremely daunting task for anyone. You may have spent a major part of your life getting acquainted with the in’s and outs of one field, and now find yourself having to do the same thing with a potential new career.

Consider the following tips to help make your career shift a little easier

changing careers at any age


Ask yourself why you want to leave this current career behind and why you want to accept this new one. Once you can define why you can understand the magnitude of the change that stands before you. This way you will be able to find the best solution, either a change in the career or the company.


Whether you have selected your career, or are contemplating a new one, you need to do thorough research. If you have already selected your field, you need to find out what it demands, and what skills you possess that would deem you a perfect fit. Otherwise, you need to keep yourself updated with the current trends in the work industry, to find your true career match.


Your best bet is to approach a mentor and discuss with them your issues and aspirations. They will save you a lot of time that you might have to spend in researching since they are often very well researched in these matters. They can immediately point you in the right direction. Take advantage of Life Matters Coaching’s Business Coaching package to do just this.