Help! I Work With A Narcissist.

Yes, there are narcissists everywhere…even in your office. They can be a handful and exhausting, frustrating, annoying. You name it. How do you work with them and not go crazy? Take a look at the tips below for some guidance.

They want your attention. Listen, smile, nod, and relax. They are not interested in your response, so no need to bother.

If this person is your boss/direct report, do not expect any support, positive feedback, pats on the back, or help you excel. You will need to stand out on your own.

This person is not your friend. They can seem like the coolest person ever but do not fall for it.

Keep your boundaries up. Do not share weaknesses or personal information. They can use it to manipulate and/or use it against you.

Be professional and respectful while engaging with them. If there is any sign of disrespect, you will be opening up a can of devil worms.

When communicating, find a balance of assertiveness without coming off as aggressive. When I narcissist feels like they are being attacked…they will attack back. Maintain eye contact.

Do not bother thinking that you can change them. Put the energy into yourself.

Always lead with how something will benefit them specifically. It will reduce any resistance and push back.

When dealing with them, use as few words as possible to explain something.

Present any idea that they somehow inspired it; they are more likely to support it.

Options come off better than conclusions.

Your self-esteem is the most important. Make sure you have a support system in and out of the office. It is crucial to have people that can validate your work and your sanity.

Stay alert and be proactive instead of reactive. When a narcissist can no longer control you, they will try to control how others see you.

Know exactly how they are and do not expect anything more of them.

Do your best to limit time with them.

Most importantly, keep your sense of humor. Better to laugh and point out the absurdities than getting trapped in their crazy.

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