Why Apologizing Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

An apology is not only a rule of the polite society. It is a ritual.

Saying I'm Sorry

When you apologize you show respect and empathy for the person who has been wronged. Apologizing means that you acknowledge a wrongful act that you committed which ended up hurting the other person physically, emotionally, and/or mentally.

Apologies always helps in making a bad situation better. Sometimes, it may seem as though it’s a bit too late to apologize. But, it isn’t. It helps disarm the other person of their anger and prevents any further misunderstanding that could worsen the situation. It heals the mental destruction propelled on the victim.

There are a lot of benefits that you and the other person will experience once you apologize:

The person who has been harmed by the severe actions will experience an emotional healing after they have seen the remorsefulness of the wrongdoer(s).This allows them to stop looking at the wrongdoer as a threat, but more so as the mere human that they are.

When we apologize it helps us, the one apologizing, and the wronged person let go of the hurtful past. Not only that, it helps the one who has suffered let go of the anger and resentment that they had felt and kept with them.

When the person who has been wronged sees the empathy in our apology and realizes the genuineness behind it, they feel a tinge of relief that the person who has wronged them realizes the pain that was caused to them.

As the one apologizing, we are able to release the feeling of shame and guilt that we could carry with us our entire life if we don’t apologize. When we realize the depth of pain that we have caused the person, we let ourselves be eaten away by it to the point that we get maddeningly sick, either mentally or physically.

We’re Here To Help

It is understandable that breaking into the wonderful habit of apologizing will not be easy for you. This is why Life Matters Coaching is here to help you!

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