How To Maintain Your Relationship Once You Have Found Love

Relationships can be very fickle. But, the important ones, friendships, family, partners, are important to maintain.

You have to work consistently and diligently on them. You have a partner with you who might be your soulmate, but a few bad habits could jeopardize the stability of your relationship.

Most relationships have the tendency to become stagnant as time progresses, which can be more hurtful at times.

The first few months are full of passion in which the two people are not able to get enough of each other. The real test comes when it has been a while to your relationship and that initial passion has faded. You still have your love and trust for each other. But how do you maintain it?


couple without phone having a deep conversation

Being consistently glued to your screen will create a distance between you and your partner.

Your partner may feel neglected, or possibly, even suspect you of cheating.

Studies have shown that couples who spend more time on their phone rather than mingling with each other are much more likely to break up.

You want to create a climate of trust between your partner and yourself? Then put that phone down.


You should try doing something new together.

Take up a new couple’s activity like dancing, hiking, or something the two of you have never tried before. You can even try taking interest in each other’s hobbies, for a change.

This will help you show them your appreciation for something they might be passionate about.


sharing your heart

You don’t have to necessarily have a big blowout to attend couple’s therapy.

It is always better to approach the problem from its roots.

If you feel like you and your partner are constantly getting into bickering matches or no longer see eye to eye with each other, it might be time to take up some coaching.

Or you might even speak to a mentor by yourself and share your difficulties or worries and have them help you address it. Check out Life Matters Coaching’s relationship coaching sessions and start moving your relationship in a positive direction.