This Is Work

Are you wondering if you’re in a healthy relationship? Asking yourself these two common questions: “What are the qualities of a healthy relationship?” or “What does a healthy relationship look like?”

Gonna break this down.

UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS are not satisfying and you will get hurt.

HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS are constant work…but the benefits of that work are so damn worth it.

So, each morning you need to wake up and re-commit to your relationship.

This can look like whatever it means to you. A relationship cannot grow if there is no desire to work for common good and without a benefit that is clear for the both of you.

What can I do today to show my mate that I care about them? What means something to them?

Commitment means that the both of you recognize the benefit and the value of the relationship and are determined to make it work. The level of commitment needs to progress with time and the level of responsibility and interaction needs to increase as the relationship develops.

Relationships require honesty and candor on both sides. It will be noticed if the expressions of care are not sincere and the relationship will go backward. On the other hand, genuinely expressed appreciation will quickly be perceived and accelerate the evolving relationship.

Both people need to be able to feel free to express themselves, as they are and know they will be heard and understood. Trust and communication build over time. With each successful interaction, the trust builds and the feeling that your feelings are safe with this person to develop.

There is no perfection, of course. There will be good days, great days, bad days and nothing days.

A relationship is two people and there needs to be room for the both of you.