How To Push Through A Difficult Time

So, we all go through this. Life is not a straight line; it has peaks and valleys. And, on occasion, those valleys run very deep.

One roadblock can turn into multiple.

We don’t always know how to cope through those difficult times.

Well, I’m here to help.

Let’s begin with loving yourself.

  1. Don’t ever turn your back on yourself. What do I mean by this? You need to support yourself. You need to be understanding. You need to love yourself. That simple act of self-care can get you through anything. No matter how low you feel or helpless, make sure you’re giving yourself the care and love you deserve.
  2. Make a list. It is never a good idea to keep things bottled up. Even if you have a great support system, sometimes we don’t always feel comfortable reaching out. I always like to write out how I’m feeling, what I can control, and an action plan. Even if that action plan reminds me that I don’t have control over these situations. So, write down your feelings and see if there is any action you can take to help yourself.
  3. Give yourself time. This goes back to number one: self-care. Be patient and kind. Listen to your body. If you need sleep, take a nap. If you don’t feel like doing your chores, don’t. It’s not like the mess is going somewhere. If you try to push yourself into action before you’re ready, you will just be adding another valley to the list.
  4. It’s OK to ask for help. Whether you’re looking for answers or need a sounding board, never hesitate to reach out to someone in your support network: friend, family, coach, therapist, etc. There are times when we are struggling that, for whatever reason, we feel like we have to go at it alone. That no one cares. That you don’t want to be a bother. Sound familiar? Trust me, people care and do want to be there for you.
  5. If it gets too much, you can’t think clearly and feel that having a professional to speak with is how you can help yourself. By doing so, you could walk away with an action plan, learn tools, and there is freedom of talking with someone outside of your circle.