Four Steps to Self Commitment

We hear the word and say the word, but do we know what it really means? And, are we putting it into practice?

How To Define Commitment To Oneself

We can Google it and get the standard definition. However, when we make a commitment to ourselves or another it is dedicating yourself regardless of the outcome. I will commit to meditating every day, even if the outcome is not always desirable. I make this commitment to myself because it is good for my soul, good for my brain, and it allows me to feel present. That is a small example of what a commitment looks like to oneself. 

A commitment in a relationship, any relationship; love, family, friendship, business, etc. is not any different. The people involved are making the same commitment to the same desired outcome.

To learn more about commitment to others check out this article:

Different things to different people

What does commitment look like? When reading this note, that commitment can mean different things to different people. When making any sort of commitment to yourself or with others, make sure you know what you want your outcome to be. It is important that you understand what it is or you will not be able to expect someone else to understand it. 

Returning to the true meaning of commitment; dedicating yourself regardless of the outcome. There are many distractors, things that will get us off of our path, such as, being distracted, self-sabotage, becoming impatient, etc. If you see yourself as a priority and important, then these distractors will not be an issue. 

Not just for a New Year

A friend of mine says that “true commitment is a covenant with yourself”. I could not agree more. You must learn how to keep your commitment. This is not like a New Year’s resolution. Where if you accomplish it you move on and if you do not there are no real consequences. It is about self-discipline and purpose to grow and better yourself. When we can provide that level of commitment, then we can bring that to others. You need grit and focus. Have a stake in yourself. Consider that committing to yourself is a responsibility, no different from going to work every day. 

Where do we start? 

1) BE PREPARED:  This will take emotional and mental focus daily.

2) WRITE IT DOWNCreate a contract of sorts for yourself. What exactly are you committing to?

3) PUT A PLAN TOGETHERThe plan needs to consist of the following:

  • when would you like to start
  • how will you keep yourself motivated
  • do you have accountability measures in place.

4) START YOUR DAY:  Every morning when you wake up re-commit to yourself. Create a mantra or prayer even.

Mine is: Please hear my heart and my mind. Please see me as worthy of your gifts. Please allow me to believe in mine. 

One’s commitment to self is on-going.

There is a beginning but not an end.

It will change and grow, however, the commitment is a part of you.