Damn You, John Hughes

Sometimes you just need to say it.

Damn you, John Hughes.

We all want the fairytale.

We all want the butterflies.

The happy ending and what we imagine that comes after the credits roll.

Anyone who has grown up watching Jake Ryan waiting for Samantha Baker outside the church, Richard Gere kissing Julia Roberts on the fire escape, seeing Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan on top of the Empire State Building, watching John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph in Away We Go.

Well in the immortal words of Julia Roberts “I want the fairytale”.

The question is, do fairytales exist?

Do fairytales exist?


Is it normal to fantasize fictional relationships?

If you have a fight with your partner are you going to arrive home to your bedroom filled with roses?

Is the person you are coveting going to show up at your door saying “You are the one.”?

In my experience, none of this stuff happens. It is strictly reserved for television and movies. Yet, why do we still want those fairytale endings?

These scenes that speak to our hopeful romantic side are fantasies, they give us some false hope that one day my prince/princess will come and ride off into the sunset with me.

Let’s have a reality check…romance is in a look, a touch, an unexpected phone call or text stating “I’m thinking about you”.

And what does happen after you ride off into the sunset anyway? Does life just stop? Is your story over? Do you never argue? Eventually, you will be with this person and be getting aggravated that they did not put the cap on the toothpaste or load the dishwasher correctly.

There will always be real life to live. The fantasy pulls us away from the real intimate and romantic moments.

But yes, it would still be nice to arrive home to your loved one holding a box of earrings stating that you look good wearing his future! (love that)