Sure, we all want it. We look. We search. We find and then...why is it so damn hard to keep?

Let’s say hypothetically that it is the right relationship, seemingly at the right time.

Listed below are some very common errors that we make...that will certainly ensure the end of the love that you worked so hard to find.

Thinking pain can be ignored and that it will go away on its own. Make sure you have felt all of your pain through before moving on to someone else. When we just move on, we can easily take the pain from the past relationship and put it on the new person we are with.

Over thinking is a killer. Over analyzing every word, every action, every inaction kills any chance at real intimacy and connection. It brings out the worst in you. We see what we expect to see.

Emotional hokey pokey...yeah don't do that. Keeping one foot out emotionally to protect yourself just in case it does not work out. You will for sure not get anywhere in love by holding back. If you can't trust the person you are with...then they are not the right person for you or you are simply not ready.

Don't stop pursuing. It becomes way too easy to fall into complacency and that leads to taking the relationship for granted. It takes two to tango, don't drop your partners hand.

Don't look away. Eye contact is intimate. Intimacy in the bedroom starts with intimate contact throughout the day. Look at one another. Connect.

Assuming you know everything about your partner. We change over time. Knowing everything is impossible.

Understand that the past does not equal the future. Remaining in the present is a non-negotiable. You need to have a relationship with the person you are with now. Not the one from the past.

Don't stop touching. The largest influences on our sex drive come from our skin and our brain. Relationships are hot in the beginning because we are touching and kissing, talking and questioning...constantly stimulating the brain. As time goes by we can get lazy. FACT: When we touch the one we love, the hormone oxytocin is produced and provides a huge opportunity for connection. Oxytocin is one hell of a powerful drug. Talking stimulates the brain, touching stimulates everything else.


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